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Thursday, July 26th 2012

8:00 PM

Freeclips preteens pussy


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From: riverfrogearthlink.net
Subject: Demon DockingI have been a slave of the demon for many years. My humble servitude began
on a stormy Halloween night in an adult bookstore. I gave up my soul to the
most beautiful, horrific monster I could ever imagine. Now I follow my
master for eternity, devouring the souls of the weak of morals, the easily
tempted, and preteen vagina size
the self assured stud.In life I was a fairly attractive man. I had blond hair, blue eyes, and a
nice stocky body. My cock was 8 inches and very thick. I was circumcised,
and was quite a sucker for guys with uncut cocks. My body had hair all
over, head to toe, which guys found either really hot or really not. My
muscles were solid, not chiseled, and I had a little extra weight, which I
carried well.The night I gave up my soul I was chasing a handsome bodybuilder in the
peep show area. He was about 5"6' with a shaved head and a goatee. His
biceps were as big as melons, and his ass was free preteenzb innocent packed into a pair of faded
jeans. Every time I caught his eye he would look away. I really wanted to
hook up with him, so I took the offense. I stood across from him in the
hallway and began to rub my cock right through my pants. I smirked and
looked him straight in the eye. The muscle hunk walked over to me and
whispered in my ear. I was about to open a booth when he whispered "Fuck
off fag, I'm not interested!"Damn.. I was all geared up for the stud, and he blew me off. I cut my
losses and turned around to find another potential trick. That was when HE
came in. He was over 6 feet tall and built like a brick shithouse. He was
wearing all black, and HIS muscles rippled through the material in HIS
shirt. HIS hair was coal black, and HIS stubble was in need of
attention. My dick sprang in my pants and I couldn't take my eyes off of
HIM. As HE passed me HE looked right into my preteen model illegal eyes. I felt a cold shiver
down my spine. As HE walked away I admired the v shape of HIS back and the
confidence of HIS swagger.The muscle stud I was after took notice of HIM immediately. As HE walked
around the corner the muscle stud followed. It was quite clear that they
were going to hook up, so I decided to follow them and try to get a free
show. The two of them went into a stall together, and I took the adjacent
stall preteen underage blogs to the right.The small peep show stall had a peephole and a glory asian preteen xxx hole. I virtual preteen porn
was in luck. I
peered through the peep hole and saw that they were kissing and moaning
already. HE had the muscle stud pinned to the wall as HE bent down and
licked all over the stud. HE grabbed the stud's shirt and pulled it over
his head. The guy was shaved hairless, and had Christopher tattooed across
his chest. HE licked the studs tattoos and nipples, causing the guy to
whimper. preteen prepubescent "Lick my pits!", the guy moaned. HE proceeded to hungrily lap the
sweat from the studs pits. "You taste good" HE told the stud. The stud
grinned and began to unbuckle his belt and remove his pants. When his pants
dropped I gasped. His dick was at least 9 inches, and dripping with
pre-cum. "Very nice" HE said to the stud. The guy pushed HIM down to the
floor and pulled HIS head to his cock. HE had no trouble taking the entire
dick down HIS throat. The stud began to pump his hips into HIS face. HIS
tongue was swirling all around the studs cock. The guy pulled HIS mouth off
his cock to avert orgasm and turned around and forced HIM to perfect preteen models eat ass. The
stud leaned little preteen cum into the wall and moaned in ecstasy and HE ate the guy's ass.HE got up from the floor and pulled off his shirt. Muscles rippled in every
direction. HIS nipples were the size of silver dollars, and HIS six pack
abs were ripped and glistening. HE grabbed the guys head and pulled the
chap's head into HIS chest. "Bite my nipples" HE said. "Harder.Harder
still" The guy began chewing like there was no tomorrow. "Put your dick
through the hole" He told the guy. The stud began to bend down and look
through the hole. He grabbed the stud by the hair and pulled him up. "I
said put it through!" The guy's dick came through the hole and I went to
the floor and began sucking. The stud had no idea who was sucking, and HE
wouldn't let him look. As I sucked the stud's dick, HE was poking the guys
ass with HIS finger. The stud jumped and then sighed and the finger probed
in the hole. This guy was putty in HIS hands. The stud was pulled up by the
hair and HE dropped his pants. HIS dick hung down about 6 inches limp, and
was covered by an enormous foreskin. His ball sack was enormous, and his
orbs hung low in his ball sack. "Lick my balls!" HE told the stud as he
pushed him to the floor. The guy began slobbering all over HIS balls. I
looked into HIS eyes through the glory hole and HE smiled an evil smirk at
me. HIS cock kept growing. "Please let me suck it" the guy begged. HE
pushed him back to HIS nuts every time he tried to stop licking. HIS dick
was about a foot long and HIS foreskin hung several inches over the head,
even hard. "Lets dock" HE said as he pulled the guy up from the floor.HE pulled HIS foreskin forward and stretched it open. HE grinned and HE
rolled HIS massive foreskin over the guys cock. The muscle stud groaned and
fell back onto the wall. HIS foreskin completely covered the guy's
dick. The stud looked confused as he watched his dick disappear in the
foreskin. HE threw his head back and laughed in an evil booming laugh. "You
are mine now!" HE said to the confused and scared guy. "Fuck you" the stud
said to HIM. "Hey let me go. What's going on? I am stuck" the guy
screamed. HE pinned the guy to the wall and let out a howl. HIS skin began
to turn red in color, and his face preteen naked girls bunched up into a mean sneer, like a pit
bull. The demon made his presence known. "You are mine. My power is all
consuming" The stud began to feel as if his entire body were an orgasm. He
could feel his heartbeat compete then join the beating of the demon's
heart.The pleasure in the studs feet began to increase. He looked down at his
feet and watched as they began preteen prepubescent to shrink. "What the fuck" he said. The
demon answered "My power is all consuming, and I am consuming you. You
soul, your body, your cum all belong to me." The guy tried to pull away
and the demon slapped him across the face. " I like your fighting spirit,
so I shall reward you" He released pleasure into the free preteens fucking
guys body, and he gave
in to the sensations. preteen toon pics The weak feelings in his knees gave way to
melting. His legs were almost drained of bone, blood and muscle. All that
was left was skin from his hips below."Please don't do this," the guy begged. The demon spit into his mouth and
it sent pleasure waves through his body. The guy continued
"Please.Please!!! Please..spit in my mouth again" The demon spit again. A
long ooze of spit poured down his throat. The demon continued to devoir him
through his penis. The demon foreskin was working like an umbilical cord in
reverse. Slowly consuming from the inside while in exchange giving great
pleasure and release. The guy had melted down to his chest, and the demons
penis lengthened to accommodate.I kneeled at the glory hole transfixed. I couldn't tear my self away. I had
never been more scared or horny in my life. I was jealous of the guy, and
the unique opportunity he had been given to offer himself. The guy was
consumed to his neck. "Thank you" the demon said. "Behold your
contribution". The guy looked up and watched as the muscles on the demons
torso and arms grew. The demon commanded him to open his mouth. The guy
received spit one last time, and young black preteens his head was consumed during his last
burst of pleasure.The demon began to dress, and I panicked. I preteen wild wanted to offer myself to the
demon. I was so drawn to him I couldn't resist. "Take me" I said. The demon
looked down and snickered. "Please take me. I am yours." The demon began to
put his shirt on. I shoved my cock through the hole and yelled "Hail Satan,
Take my soul." The demon laughed "I am not Satan, but your soul I shall
have" With that he thrust his foreskin over my cock and the pleasure hit me
like a wave. I was one with him. The blood seemed to flow freely through
our bodies. I waited for my body to shrink, but it didn't. My skin began to
itch and dry out. The color of my skin became yellow, then green. I felt my
soul leave through my cock, and the demon roared. My penis was severed from
his body. I was still whole in body, but preteen cameltoe had transformed into a hideous
green troll. The foreskin from the demon remained on my cock. I was given
the gift of immortality, and a foreskin. "Come with me and do to others as
I have done to those before."As my skin returned to normal the demon left the stall. Another guy peeked
through the hole and then pulled his dick out and stuck it through. I
pulled my new foreskin over his dick and he moaned. I could feel the power
of my skin melding onto his. He tried to pull away from the hole. I grinned
as I heard him say "What the fuck! Were stuck!
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Wednesday, July 25th 2012

12:00 AM

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